What We Want to Achieve

Our main task is to bring together international research in the field of egg and poultry farming in one place, to initiate new research projects and to communicate existing research results. We want to give the public a neutral, factual and scientific insight into the modern, market-oriented egg and poultry industry.


Pooling research work

In the field of egg and poultry farming, extensive research projects are carried out or planned worldwide that have not been related to each other so far. We record these available scientific results in such a way that they can be used optimally and promptly for further scientific work and for the present problems.


 Developing new research approaches

There are scientific issues within the different areas of the egg and poultry industry, which require urgent further analysis. WING's future research focus will address and scientifically explore key issues such as markets and structures, production and husbandry, feeding, animal health, food security, social change, CSR, the challenges of globalisation and environmental impacts.

Specifically, there is a need to clarify the present and future role of the poultry industry in world nutrition and to compare and evaluate its impact on the environment with those of other species of livestock.

The growing criticism in recent years of intensive poultry farming in large groups as well as their spatial concentration in comparatively limited areas makes it necessary to tackle issues of ethics in animal production and environmental compatibility more fundamentally, and to firstly come up with solutions that help to minimise the impact on the environment and secondly to develop forms of housing that meet the animal welfare demands in a manner appropriate to the species.

Increasing importance will be given to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the coming years. The task of WING is to analyse existing concepts from other economic sectors and to submit proposals for implementation in companies involved with the poultry industry.


 Communicating science comprehensively

One of WING's specific tasks lies in a coordinated and objectified communication of the scientific statements on the egg and poultry industry. In particular, we want to address the general public, scientific institutions, the media, politics and educational institutions.

The WING homepage offers high quality scientific and research topics from the egg and poultry industry. At the same time, we summarise our findings in such a way that they are easy to understand, up-to-date and quickly available on the Internet. In addition, our information portal includes the provision of school materials, authentic images or a literature database with around 10,000 entries, as just some examples.

At the workshops, further education events and symposia initiated and conducted by the Centre, an intensive dialogue between all players is created by the combination of scientific results, high practical relevance and the discussion on current issues and challenges. Particular emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of the participating sciences.
The organisation and implementation of field trips for educational institutions and their scientific and professional support form another focus of our scientific communication.

The publication of our publication series "WING-Beiträge zur Geflügelwirtschaft" (WING contributions to the poultry industry) should also give new impetus to scientific research. In addition, we develop teaching materials for use in general education schools.


 Actively networked

We work together actively and innovatively with Partners from practice and research in our network. We have also enjoyed many years of cooperation with international institutions and organisations.


Displaying transparency

In addition to the scientific task, it is a fundamental concern of the WING to enable the interested public to gain a realistic picture of today's poultry production. WING is responsible for managing the "transparency initiative"

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