Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board has the following tasks:

  • to advise the scientific management and the management of WING with regard to current scientific questions in the field of poultry science,
  • to give suggestions for the initiation and implementation of research projects, which are coordinated by WING,
  • to write contributions for the homepage on current issues and to make scientifically founded statements on publicly discussed controversial issues, and
  • to participate, if possible, in specialised publications published by WING or on the homepage through own contributions or
  • to be available as moderators or speakers at WING events.


The Scientific Advisory Board consists of designated scientists from Germany and abroad as well as a representative of the National Association of the Lower Saxony Poultry Industry. It elects a chairman amongst its members, who represents the advisory board toward the scientific leadership and management of WING.

The scientific leadership and management board attend meetings of the Scientific Advisory Board, but they have no voting rights when making decisions. The management reports to the advisory board at its meetings on the activities of WING.

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of WING is currently Prof. Dr. med. Michael Grashorn (University of Hohenheim). His function is to invite, prepare and chair Advisory Board meetings. With regard to content to be negotiated, he may seek advice from the scientific leadership and management of WING.



Composition of the Scientific Advisory Board

apl. Prof. Dr. sc. agr. habil. Michael Grashorn

Institute of Livestock Sciences,
Department of Population Genomics of Farm Animals,
University of Hohenheim


Prof. Dr. agr. Robby Andersson

Department of Animal Husbandry and Products, specialising in Applied Poultry Sciences
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture,
Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences


Dr. Klaus Damme

Head of the Teaching, Experimental and Specialist Centre (LVFZ) for poultry and small animal husbandry of the Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture in Kitzingen


Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Gauly

Faculty of Science and Technology,
Free University of Bolzano



Prof. Dr. Hafez Mohamed Hafez

Institute for Avian Diseases,
Department of Veterinary Medicine,
Free University of Berlin


ir. PLM Peter van Horne

Poultry Economist,
Agricultural Economics Research Institute,
Wageningen University (Netherlands)


Dipl.-Ing. agr. Dieter Oltmann

Managing Director
Lower Saxony Poultry Association



Prof. Dr. Silke Rautenschlein

Clinic for Poultry
Director, clinic management
Veterinary specialist for poultry and for microbiology
University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Harald von Witzke

Faculty of Life Sciences
Albrecht Daniel Thaer Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences,
Humboldt-University of Berlin


Prof. Dr. Hongwei Xin

Director of Egg Industry Center,
Iowa State University (USA)


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