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About us

WING is a project of the University of Vechta and concentrates the worldwide scientific research in poultry production at one location. WING reports on current and future research projects and their results to give a realistic insight into modern, market-oriented poultry production.


      Focusing Research Activities

To date, research projects in the poultry industry are coordinated and compared only inadequately on an international level. WING gathers the existing scientific results in such a way that they are optimally prepared and promptly available to provide initial answers to current research questions.

      New Research

Many scientific questions regarding poultry farming still remain unanswered. There are, for example, many areas in genetics, breeding, meat production as well as animal health and housing systems that urgently need to be further analyzed.

Concerning the ever impending question of current and future global food security, the poultry industry still has to find its role. Moreover, poultry production will sooner or later have to be subject in comparison to other livestock production regarding environmental impacts.

Furthermore, ethical questions are attracting more and more attention. In view of intensive large-scale poultry production in densely populated poultry areas, solutions are requested that meet the demand for animal-friendly housing systems and help to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Over the next few years Corporate Social Responsibility will gain in importance. WING will analyze existing concepts in other economic sectors and present recommendations for their implementation in the poultry industry.

      Comprehensive Scientific Communication

WING presents scientifically-based information about poultry production in a coordinated and objective manner. Statements regarding the poultry industry circulating in the media are often contorted or false. One goal of WING is therefore to contribute to an objective and impartial public portrayal of the poultry industry.

WING communicates scientifically-based information about various topics of poultry production in a comprehensible language. Special attention is turned to the Internet. By means of this medium WING provides an easily accessible and scientificically-based information portal.


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